October 2019

Dear G&P Families:

Friends of Graham & Parks, a parent-run nonprofit organization, helps support the school’s unique curriculum by funding field trips, visiting artists and educators, special projects, and concerts.

 Graham & Parks is an extraordinary school that fosters a diverse and inclusive community and teaches our children how to be caring, engaged citizens. It does this through hands-on, project-based learning that nurtures our children’s curiosity and intellectual excitement, while imparting the necessary academic skills.

Every year, we provide at least $20,000 to programs across the school—more than $50 per child.

We can only reach our fundraising goals with your help—and we respectfully ask you to donate.

  • Every gift matters. Your generosity and support make a difference to the entire school. For those who are able to give more, please consider increasing your gift to maximize your impact.
  • Every student benefits. Your donation ensures that every child experiences educational enrichment, from school-wide activities such as the math and poetry nights to class field trips and specialist classroom visits. Your contribution is an investment in all the students at G&P.
  • All the funds we raise go directly to teachers and staff to enable them to carry out their incredible work. Friends of Graham & Parks provides critical financial support for programming that would not otherwise be funded by the annual school budget.
  • Our goals this year are to increase participation and funding. We aim to raise $24,000 through fundraising events and this Annual Appeal. We also seek to go beyond the 30% participation from last year, achieving 100% family participation in the Annual Appeal. We need your help to do this.

Ways to donate:

  • Venmo—search for @friendsofgandp
  • Paypal—friendsofgandp.org
  • Enclose cash or a check donation in the attached envelope; drop it off in the school’s office or mail it.

All donations are tax deductible and you will receive a tax receipt for your contribution.

For workplace matching grant programs, please notify us at: friendsofgandp@gmail.com

Other ways to contribute:

Volunteer for Friends of Graham and Parks – email friendsofgandp@gmail.com to ask about upcoming events – or join us on the first Friday of every month at 8:30 am in the school lobby for our meetings.

Many thanks for your consideration and support,

Jennifer Chen, Kris Dickson, Paul DuBarry, Eva Ferreras, Matt Goldstein, Anna Henchman, Christian Henry, Vivian Pales, Kathleen Roosevelt, Jessie Scanlon, Sarah Smith, and Ena Valenzuela